Vitamins – quantities and doses!


Vitamins are magic word, one of those most often hear in veterinary clinics. Vitamins are given to all dogs, in all forms, at all times and in such large quantities. Regardless of which dog or cat suffering, owners often ask: “We can give him a vitamin shot?” There is universal opinion that vitamins cure all, that they can not harm, moreover, they are always useful.

Wrong thinking. Vitamins are sometimes necessary, sometimes detrimental, and not all vitamins are so innocent that think just because they can be purchased in pharmacies without a prescription and are dosed themselves as we want.

Firstly, we will emphasize that the finished pet food contains sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals and it is not necessary to add a healthy dog ‚Äč‚Äčeating such food. Vitamins, for dogs and cats , which usually overdo are vitamins A and D. Hypervitaminosis A is common in cats that feed the liver. Large amounts of vitamin A toxic effect on the cells of cartilage and bone so sick animal is lame, and there is a malformation of the bones of the head and spine.

Hypervitaminosis D in dogs is usually caused by the best intentions of owners who, in order to facilitate bone growth, uncontrolled poured into food products that contain calcium and vitamin D. The changes occur on the skin, animal has poor appetite, there is a calcification of soft tissues, imprisonment, and can lead to renal failure and various neurological disorders. In veterinary clinics vitamins are given to pets when there is an indication, therefore, like any other drug. Indications for giving vitamins are the lack of certain vitamins in the diet, recovery from serious illness and etc.

As regards preparations containing vitamins B complex, it is not serious. If given an overdose of these vitamins, the body of the dog itself will reject the excess and it will not have harmful consequences, but will not use it. Some vitamins, such as vitamin K, have their own specific indications. Thus, the preparations of this vitamin are used as an antidote to poison poisons for rats and often save the lives of our animals.

Vitamin E in combination with selenium often we recommend for certain fertility problems, but then strictly follow the doses of vitamins that are given, and the period of administration.

Vitamin E and vitamin B complex, often used as a supportive therapy in certain diseases of the skin. Vitamin C is much talked about and often very high doses are administered in order to prevent the development of hip dysplasia. Well, you should know that vitamin C is not always harmless and can worse the condition in some diseases.

In any case, the decision of when, how and who should be given vitamin let your vet decide or at least look for professional advice, especially before a long-term addition of vitamins to the diet lovers.

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