simparica trio 40-60

SIMPARICA TRIO for dogs 40-60kg (88-122 lbs)


Simparica trio is for use only in dogs.

1 box includes 3 chews!


Product Description

Simparica is for use only in dogs.

Simparica Trio (sarolaner, moxidectin, and pyrantel chewable tablets), is the first once-monthly, chewable tablet that delivers all-in-one protection from heartworm disease, ticks and fleas, roundworms and hookworms.

  • Simparica Trio marks the first all-in-one protection against heartworm disease, ticks and fleas, roundworms and hookworms in a single monthly chewable
  • No need to isolate treated pets as with spot-ons
  • Protects against many of the most common parasites and gives veterinarians and pet parents a convenient option for comprehensive protection
  • Effective in treating existing tick and flea infestations within hours of initial dose
  • Convenient Once Monthly Oral Dosing
 Simparica Trio is for dogs 8 weeks of age and older, and weighing 2.8 pounds or greater.
  • No messy application
  • Protects dogs against heartworm disease, ticks and fleas, and roundworm and hookworms.
  • Only monthly tick and flea chewable approved to kill 5 types of ticks, including the Gulf Coast Tick.
  • Great-tasting liver flavored chewable that you give your dog once a month.


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